Definition: The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

I have always been drawn towards topics that divide opinions. The “indeterminable” factor regarding a subject holds great appeal as it can only be debated, not decided! The best example of this from a male perspective could be thought of as, “who´s the greatest footballer on the planet? Ronaldo or Messi?”. Most lads will understand this as an endless debate, so why bother starting. I completely agree! Whilst enduring this vastly debatable topic, its important to understand that perception is everything and also unique to the individual. Of course we may share similar perceptions but im sure they differ in moments.

A topic in which I have found myself in many a debate throughout the last year, is that of the “Triple S”. We all  have known for a long time about Balenciagas famous “dad shoe”! By now it’s reached all corners of the earth in all its glory. “Everybody and their nan” are rocking a pair! They started out as a limited commodity to be purchased by those at the forefront of fashion. The initial collective perception was, “what are those”? followed by a perplexed facial expression. Throughout the last 18 months it´s been a regular topic for conversation amongst hypebeasts (I hate that word). I noticed a change in the opposing tide and with that, it seems like everyone has a pair (or are thinking to aquire).IMG_E0957

My initial reaction upon first sight was intriguing. “How could something so unpractical be so exquisite”. I’ve spent my life wearing vans and air max 90´s whilst searching for the most streamlined trainer on the market. The Triple S is far from streamlined and opposes every quality I once looked for in footwear, but I loved it! My perception of what the perfect trainer should look like had forever changed, But that still didn’t mean I was ready to drop 700 euros on a pair! Yes I liked them but that kind of money is crazy! At this point, my perceived opinion was that they just couldn’t be worth the price they demanded.

I was shopping in Helsinki and tried on the last pair the shop had. They were the wrong colour and  were a UK10 so I knew they weren’t “coppable”, but I still had to try them! Of course they didn’t fit as they were a whole size up but I was astounded by the comfort. Yes, granted when I started to walk it felt like running through quick sand but they were by far the most comfortable shoe ever to sit on my feet! That was it, my perception had changed once again. I now understood that despite the price tag, they were going to be my next acquisition. After getting home I put an order in and can now say they are a valued addition to my wardrobe!

Perception changes like the seasons. Its ok! just because the collective perception is now in a place where the “triple S is cool”, doesn’t mean you need to reconsider paying your rent next month. Stick to your perception! It´s the only one that really matters!




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