Definition: “A strong belief that something will happen or be the case”.

For most people, expectations are of great personal importance. They provide a bar in life to reach for and strive to achieve. It´s fair to say that some people should raise their expectations and others create pressure by placing the expectational bar too high. This means that it’s a personal matter and we each individually understand and set our own!

After some recent life reflection, I found that I could once place myself in a category of people who didn’t really expect much from anything. I didn’t expect I would obtain a degree. Nor did I ever expect to live in a different country and raise a family. I certainly didnt expect to find a career as fulfilling and enjoyable as the one I am in. I genuinely didn’t expect anything from myself or anyone else.

Without expectations I was almost wandering through life. I understand it as method to stay in my comfort zone. “If i don’t expect, I wont fail”… and that was my attitude. This approach is useless! Raising my expectations was the best thing I ever did! To have a set of standards is a basic principle but such an important one. “Raise your standards… and everything else will follow”.



IMG_0978 (2)

Levi denim Jacket

supreme t-shirt

Dickies trousers

Louis Vuitton Belt

Louis Vuitton bumbag (cross body)

Balenciaga triple S 

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