Decision Making

I for one… am a terrible decision maker. I have a habit of second guessing, thinking about it, deciding and then changing my mind. It’s a curse! Going to eat out at a restaurant is some what of a challenge as the potential for options blows my mind! I may be over exaggerating a little but it’s certainly one of my areas to develop.

Lately ive started to see the benefits of being more direct when it comes to making those all important decisions. I have a new system in my life that’s really helping me out!

  1. Make a decision quickly.
  2. Be happy with it.

Pretty simple huh! Part of my previous issue was changing my mind after making my decision. I couldn’t stand the idea of being disappointed with my choice. Either way I ended up disappointed because of how long it took me to make a choice and then thinking about how it would have been if i had chosen differently.

The chore of decision-making leaked its way into my wardrobe routine! It could take me over an hour to decide an outfit and I would still end up frustrated at the end of it all. Since implementing my extremely simple method I feel much happier! I’m now pleased with my choices and I spend far less time reflecting on them.

The outfit I have selected here really highlights the importance of keeping it simple from time to time. Make a decision (even a quick one) and stick to it.


IMG_0983 (2).JPG

FYI (life hack) – I know it’s abundantly obvious… but select your outfits the night before. It really is the best way to feel happy about what you’re wearing for the following day!

Levi sherpa jacket

Supreme tshirt 

Balenciaga jeans

Balenciaga triple S

Louis Vuitton Bumbag 

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