We all have one! Some larger than others, some smaller! The fundamental point is that we all have a personality. Expressing our individualistic personality is challenging and isn’t an easy road. It’s a long road of mistakes and developments that can mould our personality towards its final product. Its our life experience that shapes our views and moral codes towards a character in which we identify.

It was in the second year of finishing my degree before i realised the importance of accepting my personality type. Whilst assessing at the characteristics of introverted and extroverted people, it became rather clear that I had to finally admit that I identified as an introverted person. I had spent 14 years trying to convince myself that I was a confident extrovert when in fact the reality was far from that! This meant that 14 years of my life was a period in time where i wasnt “being real with myself”. Pretending was a total waste of time and this didn’t really sink in until around 2 years ago,

When i accepted my personality type it was like a breath of fresh air! I had always been worried that being introverted would hinder my potential, so I didn’t want to accept it. To a point, I still feel this way, but what it allowed me to do was accept the “hand i had been dealt”! Since then my confidence has developed, goals have become clearer and im much happier!

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