Rotating the Wardrobe

“How I rotated!”

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Selecting outfits can sometimes be challenging. As much as I love picking out what to wear for the day based on my general feeling, I have spent many hours stood scratching my head! Matching a hoodie to the trousers and re-selecting could take at least an hour. This is a hobby and it shouldnt feel so challenging each time it comes to choosing an outfit. In my case, I had previously shopped without direction. My wardrobe was a collection of pieces based on my initial judgement, disregarding potential for versatility. This meant that I was always faced with a struggle when selecting my daily clothing. In an effort to upgrade my wardrobe whilst utilising my current pieces I decided to shop using my head!

The first stage of the process was to delve deep into my wardrobe and pick out the favorites, currently in and the “throw outs”. Interestingly, “the throw outs” was my largest pile. Getting rid of the clothes that we all intend on using “one day”, is an important part in understanding the entire contents within the wardrobe and bedroom draws.

After identifying the pieces I liked the most, I tried creating outfits that I could use. These were surprisingly limited! I had maybe four outfits in total from a huge selection of clothes that I would have been happy to wear on the following day. It started to become even clearer that I needed to place an order online! My largest collection of clothing was by far the hoodies and jumpers. I only had two or three pairs of trousers and jeans that I was partially able to use in creating an outfit. I decided that I needed bottoms rather urgently so I targeted these aggressively from Asos. I picked out…

  1. Grey dickies 872 Slim fit trousers.
  2. Navy blue dickies 872 Slim fit trousers.
  3. Grey river island tapered sweatpants (sized up for an oversized fit).
  4. Grey and Black check slim stousers.

I also jumped on to farfetch where I copped some skinny ripped balenciaga jeans in black! During that week I purchased five options for bottoms which has completely alted my outfit selection process. Its now back to being fun and was a great way of helping to rotate and make use of the pieces I kept at the back of the wardrobe.

Its also well worth noting that I didnt have to “spend big” to open up my wardrobes versatility! I copped my first four items for under 150 euros and the balenciaga jeans were only…. well lets just ignore those!

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