Essentials – Building a Core

I´ve left you guys a link for where I purchased my pair for a fantastic discount!

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At the heart of all success lies a strong core! wow that´s deep….. But very true. In actual fact, a strong core is the foundational basis, a platform to build from if you like. As Winston Churchill himself once said… Ahhh im only joking!

Lets look at this from another angle for just a second. All houses are built from a foundation. This core is the basis for developing, meaning its important right? I hope your still following! Anyhow, lets get back to the point of this blog post – Essentials. What i´m trying to say is they´re exactly what they are called… essential. The fundamentals of a wardrobe to build from. If we started over, like re-born i´m thinking… or just landed on a planet (naked I should add) and put in front of a wardrobe… the essentials are the first item we would reach for… or maybe after the underpants! After putting on the essentials we can build from that. There we got there in the end. Now I know your engaged!

So Luke… what exactly are essential items?

Excellent question… wow, very impressive for a reader of these blog posts! Below I have listed my “must have” essentials that should be in all well dressed male wardrobes… Oh and by the way, ive skipped underpants and socks because I wont be offering you any inspiration there (unless you want to know about happy socks, they´re great… alright Tony), just so we are clear on that! Lets go through it shall we…

T-shirts: Black and white plain T´s are a gents must haves! They are perfect for layering and support any outfit, mixing with most colors. I buy mine usually from Asos and River Island. The RI are much nicer in the beginning but after a few washes the collar goes! Not ideal but we don´t really purchase them based on longevity. I usually grab a new one once I notice my current ones are wearing around the collar and for 10 euros they are perfect.

Note: Just something to ponder… Its defiantly worth buying your basic essential t shirts in multipacks to save a few pennies! Doing this you should grab a branded pack for overall quality. I have left you two links below for my “go to picks”. See… I´ve got your back!

Denim: Denim jackets are also a much needed essential for us gents. I recommend getting one each in black and blue but remember this when purchasing yours… you get what you pay for! Although these are essentials, if you purchase the right brands, they will last a life time. You can go the whole hog here and spend 1000 on a Balenciaga, why not if your balling! Or… if your on a sensible budget, mine are from Allsaints and Levis. I love both of these brands as they are providing a lot of quality for a modest price in comparison to those higher end pieces. Anyways, black and blue, go nuts!

jeans also fall within our denim category. This is where it begins to get a lttle bit harder in terms of identifying what is essential and whats just…..”yeah I really needed that”! Here I would suggest three colors, black, blue, white! Well the first two are essentials but the white are much needed in those summer evenings. You feel me? No, oh ok then! You will be needing a pair of skinny, slim and straight fits…. you choose the colors. Skinnys are used regularly, slims are always useful and those straight fits are a real trend right now! I purchased a pair of Levi 501 straights in a soft stretch denim recently and oh my dayssss, I love them. So much so, i´m ordering a pair in black! But wait… this is about essentials, so lets get back to that! To summarize… again with the black and blue if we are really talking about essentials. I opted for more premium brands such as Balenciaga but also adding a few Levi classics in there too. The essentials here are more about the fit of the jeans…. just something to remember for you there!

Make sure you guys check out the link near the top of the page. Quality and price cannot be matched for the very classic Levi 501´s. I purchased my pair and got a great deal!

Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Here I absolutely recommend going for a premium brand. I was so tired of hoodies turning into cardboard after a few washes that I splashed out once or twice… OK maybe a few times but no judgement over here! Feel free to go creative on the colors and to really make these the central focal point of the outfit. A contrasting color will completely make your outfit… I promise! If we are building essentials maybe we only need to suggest 1 hoodie and 1 sweatshirt. In the color of your choice, a premium brand such as Stone Island, Balenciaga or Acne Studios will become an integral cog for your functioning wardrobe engine!

As long as you have these three items on… you cant be arrested for public indecent exposure! That why I absolutely say these items are essential! The rest of the wardrobe selections might include so called “official essentials” but im basing mine on these three. The rest of it can wait for another blog post at a later time. Go on… you know your coming back to see what Ive got to say! Head over to my Instagram account @wallerswearing to check out how I put these essential together. You never know… you might feel inspired. Have a good one lovely people!

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