Balenciaga´s Spring/summer 2020 Look Book

I have selected all of the men´s standout fits and looks from this years SS20 runway. If you have the chance… Checkout the video from Youtube also! If you enjoy fashion then Balenciaga´s runways are always highly anticipated. Despite a few differing opinions… I’ve given my “penny’s worth” and rated the outfits below. Leave me a comment stating your most favourite setups and maybe your opinion about the Tyrex sneaker? I would absolutely love to hear it!

Balenciaga´s Runways are always peaking interest to say the very least! If fashion is about creativity and uniqueness… Then we have found our “super brand”. This is my favourite high fashion brand for this reason! Don’t get me wrong… Im pretty much a “plain jane” when it comes to dressing myself! However, in terms of appreciation… my hat goes off to them!

This was the stand out colour for me! I love the “loose fit” suits and I have been looking out for different options but here I have been most impressed by the strength of this blue.


I absolutely love this look! it has such a “90´s New York businessman dad” vibe to it and I will defiantly be trying to put a similar look together. I love the loose look with smarter clothes and this came together in such a casual flex. This might have been my favorite… But im not sure yet!


My initial thought was… “maybe he ran out of time and needed to put his next outfit on over top of the previous”! I don’t even need to go into details here… His face says it all… I mean, he doesn’t even look happy about being the person to model this jacket! I think Farfetch has just found their latest sale piece!


My number 1 absolute favoite from the mens section… Or maybe joint with the previous look! In similar fashion… Balenciaga combined smart with casual for a really fantastic outfit. I The “loosely” tailored suit jacket against classic denim jeans (emoji with star eyes and drooling face – yeah you get what im saying)!!


If I would put this look together myself… I would add a turtle neck top and change for either a tote bag or cross body shoulder bag… Just throwing that out there!

Not all look book sets are “marvels”! This look falls within that category. If we start on a positive note… The top is ok… but just ok! Moving towards the trousers and…. Just a quick note: the look gets progressively worse from head to toe! The trousers are some form of off “dirt biking/mountain biking/ski trousers…. Nope, not for me! To finish off, Balenciaga demonstrate their progressive approach towards footwear with the new Tyrex shoe! A shoe that literally causes painfully watery eyes. Personally, this shoe isn’t for me… but best of luck to those of you able to pull it off! I cant see becoming a strong trend like their sibling shoes have… But I love Balenciagas progressive attitude!

I like to see different looks in contrast but I’m not even close to feeling this vibe!


I would struggle to find occasions in my life to wear this unfortunately! I say “unfortunately” because I feel like its a great look for someone able to pull it off often enough. I See this almost as a great “work” outfit offering sophistication to the wearer. Like I said before… I enjoy loose fitting at the moment (despite my body type and frame) so overall I can give this look a…


I for one… Am ecstatic about double denim making an impact! I feel like it was once such a vibe for those free spirited teddy boys back in the day! To see it now with is loosely fitting silhouettes is great! Its such an easy outfit to pull out on a regular basis and I hope it once again becomes the trend it once was!

All in all… This spring/summer outfit line up was a huge success from where I’m sitting! So many interesting looks that overall… I felt were all achievable looks for the average fashion lover! Maybe I’ve got the “wrong end of the stick” but I also feel there was an underlying statement towards this “all-inclusive” movement that fashion is creating! Maybe these high end fashion brands have expanded their target audience to become inclusive… Who knows!



Affordable options to replicate these looks can be found with purchase links from my previous blog post – “the 10 classics of the wardrobe”.

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