The ULTIMATE Men’s Shoe Collection!

Ok that was quite a statement… but I have your attention! Before you cynics get started let me just inform you… This is my opinion! The shoes I have, recommend and love deeply! I feel like a statement such as “the ultimate men’s shoe collection” is best served with a slice of realism! For that very reason… This collection wont include a full set of “high end” trainers! In fact… These are my top 5 pairs that would complete “my ultimate (or very basic) collection”! This collection is based on 5 essential/must have pairs that I would nominate currently in 2020 as “foundational” to a good collection!

In keeping with our “realistic theme”… I have decided to select a total of 5 pairs. As we have previously discussed… We place a big importance on our “essentials and classics” (check out those posts you will find them very useful). With that in mind, I wanted to suggest a well rounded collection of 3 essential pairs and 2 must haves (or….. Uhm… yeah I really needed those)! You know what I mean!

Starting off at #1… And by the way… in no particular order…

#1: Nike Air Force 1

These have been around longer than… well me I guess! a real classic trainer that completes any outfit with ease. The simplicity of this trainer is the reason for its popularity meaning it can be worn with joggers, jeans…. yeah pretty much any set of bottoms! We all go through periods in life or certain days (to be more specific) where we just need something easy to wear! Yes… a quick throw on without any real need for planning the outfit! these are an important pair and I recommend keeping to White/black as these are the most versatile!

#2: Dr Martens (boots only)

I say “boots only” because every man needs to have a good pair of boots within their collection! A classic leather pair of boots improves versatility to no end! The more my years have advanced, the more i tend to enjoy wearing boots also! I have always found that they are a great way to up a dress level and still be able to include them within your daily outfits… See, versatile! In my collection I opted to purchase the black leather Chelsea boots and also the black Mono lace up boots! One is enough and for the sake of this list… Lets opt for a black pair!

Balenciaga Track Sneaker

#3: Balenciaga Track Sneaker

In with the first designer shoe! These are defiently considered a trend and not litterally a must have… although for some (including me) they are a “must have”! Hands down, the most comfortable trainer ever to have smothered my feet! As a horribly wide footed man, shoe comfort is kind of important. When I first tried these I fell in love so the price was sort of overlooked. They are not cheap gents! But if you are into fashion, they have been trending for a while now and im sure you know about them! Just a little hint… shhh: they go into the sales. If you know where to look and at the right times you can catch yourself a great deal! I managed to bag mine in the white color way for 50% OFF! Head over to @brownsfashion or @farfetch to secure a saving!

#4: “the running shoe”

Ok… so I know that is rather vague! Trending at the moment are shoes such as New Balance mr530 and Nike p6000. Both nice… not exactly “setting the world alight… but nice enough! I recently purchased my pair of NB mr530 in white, somewhat reluctantly! Ive been putting it off for a while as I only usually will buy something I REALLY like… not being tight, just trying to be less frivolous with my money lately! Anyways, I purchased them! My reason for including them is because we all need versatility within our wardrobe! Occasionally we might prefer a simpler outfit or we may be walking all over London for the day (did this once in triple S… I learnt a lesson)! The appeal lies in the aspect of comfort. A pair of shoes (currently trending) to finish off a relaxed outfit is commonly “the way to go at the moment”. That’s why they are here!


Wow…just Wow! These are stunning! In fact, I would go as far as saying that these shoes are the nicest designer high end shoe on our markets! These are pleasing to the eye, slenderly streamlined and such a trend currently! They seem like a shoe with the ability to bolster any outfit also making them extremely versatile! Now… I say “seem like” because it’s important to not… “I don’t actually own a pair” currently! Rest assured though, they are next on my list! I tried them once but unfortunately it was in a different color way and well, with this kind of price tag… it’s important to get the exact ones you want! Always better to hold off than settle for less… right? Finally, it’s well worth a mention about the genius of this design! Take a look at the picture again… did you look? Well, the very resemblance projects the old classic … Converse Allstar high top! Dior were genius because they took the silhouette and stamped there style to it! Genius right? Or maybe I’m just easily pleased!

So, there we have it! Not easy when considering I had set the challenge of just 5 pairs! If you see my shoe cupboard you may feel I’m a little hypocritical but lately… I love the idea of condensing! Small collections but precise to my taste! Gone with the clutter! These are the first 5 shoes I’d recommend here at the beginning of 2020!

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