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Have you even been stood in front of your wardrobe, pulling out a pile of trousers, a few tshirts, couple of hoodies? The list can go on here! Deciding what to wear isn’t always the easiest when considering our plan for the day, weather other factors impacting the daily plan. I learnt a fantastic tip a little while ago from a youtuber/content creator (yeah sorry I have the memory of a fish – Cant think of who it was)! it was a real mind bender… a stroke of genius! They stated that the key to having great daily outfits was to… drum role…..

“Select your outfit the night before”. I know right! Maybe I’m just impressed by peoples practicalities! Anyways, this tip carries me through each time I use it. I don’t always use because, well im a father of a very busy 4 year old! sometimes you foget these little tips right! When I do put this tip to use is the evening before a day/night where I need to have a decent set up going!

So there you go… there’s a top tip I learnt from content I follow! Now then… another tip worth noting is to plan your outfits even before pulling it out of the wardrobe! Personally, I take inspiration from lookbooks, runways and content creators I follow. I regularly watch the posts coming in from Instagram, Pinterest and all the rest I’m pretty sure you know by now! I have maybe 10-15 accounts I follow daily down to the great content they produce! The forward fashioned approach means they always offer current and explorative outfits!

For today’s blog post I wanted to share my top 5 favorite accounts from where I gain some inspiration! I definitely recommend you to follow their social media’s (YouTube and Instagram) as the content is quality!

So here they are… 5 of my favorites but in no particular order!

1. Gallucks

I discovered Joel from YouTube after he uploaded a balenciaga shoe review (1 or maybe even 2 years back)! I was looking at purchasing a pair and had my eye out for a review. After I found his content I’ve followed it daily ever since. Style is great and all uploads are quality. Joel explains his inspiration comes from Korean styling and fashion and this adds a unique twist in comparison to others! You really need to follow him! He’s huge on Instagram and also YouTube. @gallucks

2. Imdanielsimmons

His content is fantastic! Instagram posts are probably the most professional I’ve come across whilst his YouTube offers a practical approach to menswear. I’m a big fan of his style and he’s given some great suggestions towards keeping fashion at a realistic price budget. Follow him!

YouTube: Daniel Simmons @imdanielsimmons

3. Dima Bychik

I’ve only recently stumbled across Dimas content! As far as what I’ve seen from his Instagram account… I’ve been WOWED! Hes a photographer also so that might give you a little insight to the quality within his posts! What’s strikes me most is how interesting his background settings are whilst included in a streetwear post! Alongside his settings and professional quality postings… his style is great! Sounds like the all round package right? If this is your thing… Follow him!


4. Blvckkmvnivc

High Fashion! This guys outfits are probably my favorite! His style and wardrobe collection looks insanely nice! I always look forward to seeing his posts… so much so I have the post notification enabled! He is well worth following for inspiration towards what’s trending! A true “instagrammer”!


5. 70s.vogue

Here is a real Gem! Mixing high with street fashion and producing a fantastic look! I’ve always found his look unique from others and love the content he produces. The background settings are always on point too and guess that’s a real bonus of living in Paris. Follow him… his Instagram feed is a banger!


And there we have it! IG and YouTube is pumped full of great creators! These are just a handful of my favorite offering unique inspiration to the followers of fashion. Check them out!

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