Splurging in the right places…

Fashion isn’t cheap! We all want to look good but it comes at a price! NOOOO… I’m not getting all metaphorical on you and starting to ramble on about “save the planet man”! I literally mean, Fashion isn’t cheap! It’s expensive… keeping up with those trends and getting the latest color way or… well you get the idea! It costs an absolute packet and of course, aren’t I right in saying the more you spend… the better you look? Nope not true. I’m from the opinion that knowing where to be expensive and where to keep it basic is the key to our superficial success! That’s what today’s post is all about. Spending big isn’t always necessary to complete a fantastic look! Sometimes it’s more about knowing exactly where to put your money!

1. Shoes – Of course… keep those basic Air Force 1s, Dr martens and new balance runners. Those are our essentials but an excellent way towards completing a banger of an outfit is splurging on the shoes! An expensive pair steps your outfit up and can be used as the main featured piece on the set up! Keeping 1 or 2 pairs (or 7-8) will give offer you some easy wardrobe rotation whilst keeping you looking very suave!

Rhythm and blues

2. Accessories – Broad I know! Here I’m keeping strictly to belts and bags. Those immediate accessories that are key to offering some “Zaz” (yeah that’s right… I said zaz). First and foremost you need to grab yourself a designer belt. Trending currently are T-shirts tucked in… meaning your belt is on full view! A good opportunity to show it off ehh! Secondly the bags are by far and away… the most important piece to add! These, absolutely should be splurged upon. Maybe a lavish Louis Vuitton, a desirable Dior or a bold Balenciaga! Something that screams at the top of its lungs… “High Fashion”!

Remember…. ZAZ

3. Hoodies – ok then… a little surprise thrown in at the end! I bet you didn’t expect me to say hoodies and if I’m totally honest… I don’t think everyone would agree! For me personally… I love hoodies! They are a real statement piece and help out as an important center piece, focal point if you will! Remember… they don’t always have to cost 650 euros! Get them in the sales at the right time… and build your collection slowly!

These three areas are the first to attack if your aiming for flashy! Maybe the most expensive but I’ve enjoyed building the rest of my wardrobe around these! Definitely a great way to start!

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