Classic Leathers…

Inside every mans wardrobe, whether it’s used or not, lies a leather jacket! Or… there absolutely should be! A leather jacket is like a collectors item… a timeless piece with no expiration date! These are one of the very few items of clothing to always have and hold value continuously! With that in mind… I feel like there’s a couple of points worth noting about their importance to the very classic man!

1. Don’t Cheap Out – Invest… Like I said they are timeless! Fair enough, you may go through period in your life where you don’t use it each and every time you leave the house! That aside, you will have it forever so make sure to research some quality brands and don’t be shy when it comes to handing over those pound notes!

2. Faux is a NO GO! – ok so we have a clear decision… Faux or real. On the one hand… faux is much cheaper and might even carry a similar look! Will it last? Absolutely not! Before the year is out you will notice the differences and qualities will quickly surface. Texture, feel and smell are all a factor during the considerations of a leather jacket! Just because it’s over half the price… is a really sloppy reason! Be sure to go for real!

3. What brands should I look at? – Ok… tough question! This is a real preference and I’ve been through a few by now! There are lots of strong suggestions and the types of leather can be significant to the brand. Seeing as this is my blog… I have 2 recommendations for you. Barneys originals are a great option with real supple leathers and modern/classic looks. My second is Allsaints! These are my personal favorites and I currently own 2! For style, looks, quality and the all round package… it’s got it all! Price wise… EXPENSIVE! They are not cheap but like we said it’s worth the splurge. I managed to bag both of mine from outlet shops in England and got a fantastic price. I paid under 200 for each and considering the retail is over 1000… I think I did pretty well! Heading for the sale is another way you can grab a great price. A final note for your Allsaints leather jackets is that they run a little small! I’d size up for sure but I’m quite a large frame (Not fat… just big build… alright!) Also worth mentioning that leather stretches! Buying a fitted jacket is often a stroke of genius as the leather will gradually stretch to your unique body shape.

Even if leather isn’t quite “your thing”… you really should consider adding a luxurious leather jacket to your collection! I promise it’s impossible to regret if you consider just how long it will be a part of your life!

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