Dressing for Work…

Working life in Finland is pretty good! Maybe not for all but I can’t speak for those people… only for myself! I’ve always enjoyed coming to work here and I have now lived in Helsinki for slightly over 6 years (personal revelation…wow that’s crazy!). What I love most here is that the social barriers that exist in other parts of the world are far less apparent in comparison to here (again I should reiterate that this is my perception). One of the reasons in which I enjoy my working life is here we have no requirements for uniforms! Don’t get me wrong… I’d love to go each and every day dressed up like James Bond or maybe a fireman (no judgements please). Realistically my job doesn’t require it… meaning we are left to our own devices with regards to dressing for work!

So… it’s quite important in my work that I don’t come dressed as the leader of a biker gang or maybe a pimp… but I can dress in my own style! Having the freedom to do this allows me to have more expression in a large part of my life! It also enables my colleges to understand my personality a little. Each morning that I dress… I am able to dress as myself. The freedom this allows breeds into my work and has a deeply positive effect.

Along with this… It really helps to break the monotonous day to day patterns we follow in our lives! Since experiencing this I felt the comparison between that and my working life in England to be huge! Each and every job that can allow this… absolutely should do this and it will help their workers to express, tell their story and have freedom of choice within their own stories! There you go… short and sweet this week! I felt like this is a topic worth speaking about… seeing as we all can relate to “dressing for work”.

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