The 10 Classics of the Wardrobe

Essentials are important! We know that from the last post. Like we said… they are the foundation to building your wardrobe. The strong base that lays solid to support our eventual structure. Im thinking we can keep the “house building” theme going here! …. Right then, We have our base essentials but what do we need next… a structure. The supporting framework to lay embedded upon the foundation, Otherwise knows as…. (drum roll) the wardrobe classics. The classics are those pieces that are the next stage on from the all important essentials! If im totally honest with you… they aren’t exactly the most “fun” pieces to buy. Never the less, we need them! We need them like Rocky needed Adrian (please tell me you know what im going on about)! Having your “wardrobe classics” are key to building your wardrobe. We absolutely need that balance between essentials, classics and high end fashion pieces (trends). As a wise Jedi once said… “balance is within the force”… or something like that!

Ive listed my 10 absolute must haves for your wardrobe… well… because they are in mine also!

1. Calvin Klein Mens Trunks (3 pack) – These are hands down the best around…ohh nice rap… maybe not! These are my number 1 classic item and there is a perfectly good reason Calvin Klein sell millions of this product… The quality is spot on! The quality means we get value from our purchase and a nice looking pair of pants that look great on a Greek god and also a dad bod… Again with the rhymes – maybe need to think about a new career!

Link to Calvin Klein Mens Trunks

2. Men’s Nike socks – My bottom draw is full of these! I use them for gym, work, chilling and pretty much any other kind of activity you can think of. They are the perfect sock so there’s no point me trying to rate this any further! I doubt there’s a single person out there to disagree with this pick out!

Link to Nike socks

3. Happy socks – Ok ok! you can argue that these are just a trend and not everyone will always want to wear a pair of socks with pink bananas all over them. At the same time, they could be around for decades. Imagine a pair of socks that genuinely were magic! I know right! A pair of socks that actually have the all mighty power to give you a little smile when you put them on in the morning. Every time I put mine on it gives me a few seconds of pleasure… Uhmm… Stop that please this is about socks! Look… They are just socks at the end of the day but if your also into funny patterns and great quality… these are absolutely for you! They can also add a little zest to a boring outfit, especially if yu roll your jeans/trousers. Little tip for you there.

Link to happy Socks

4. Levi 501 Original Fit – There Is no way I could continue this list without adding these. I have to say… at the moment they are my most worn item. You guys should feel free to select the colours in which you like but if you ask me… That classic blue denim is my first choice. Easy to go with most outfits and for that reason they have to be included within this list!

Link to Levi 501 Classic denim jeans

5. Nike hoodie – These are an all time classic! Such an important purchase because you will use it a ridiculous amount! If you get the classic grey (which I highly recommend) its perfect for layering and will always look great! I use mine a lot so that’s why its here at number 5. Black is a peach also!

Link for Nike hoodie

6. Calvin Klein basic T-shirts – If your looking for those classic “everyday” T´s… These are perfect! If… your like me… and don’t want to keep paying out for those cardboard wash white t-shirts… the Calvin Klein basics are the perfect option. I completely feel the difference in quality… even after a few washes!

Link for Calvin Klein basic T-shirts

7. Levi´s Denim Jacket – Again… an all time great! The one piece all men should own in both black and blue is the Levi denim jacket. My Dad still has his first one from when he was a John Travolta wannabe all those years ago. Im not quite sure how old that jacket really is… but definitely OLD! This proves to stand the test of time… meaning it fully deserves a place within our classics wardrobe!

Link to Levi denim jacket

8. The North Face Nuptse Jacket – This thing has been around donkeys years by now. In, out, in, out and back in again. Seeing as the “puffer” jackets are a big trend right now… these are well worth a mention in our hall of classics. I absolutely love mine and its almost an everyday coat for me over here in Finland! The quality is fantastic… as all North Face jackets usually are! Well worth a purchase as you will have it forever!

9. Dr Martens – I’m sure you have all heard the cliché saying… Every man should own a… in this case we will finish that sentence off with Dr Martens boots. These are a classic for both mens and womens fashion because of their all round package of quality, durability, styling and overall look. The perfect boot coming in a range of styles and colors. I opted for a mono chrome black look… They are a beaut! Head over to my Instagram @wallerswearing to see my recently posted video and leave me a comment.. preferably a nice comment but whatever!

Link for Dr martens boots

and FINALLY we are there…

10. Converse all stars – This is undisputable to anyone! These are probably already sat at the bottom of your wardrobe but if not… shame on you! these classics come in all colours so feel free to grab something loud to make your outfit pop a little. I’m quite boring and love my blacks and whites so please try to be more adventurous than me. These have been around for years and I guarantee you this much… they will be around for decades!

Link for Converse all stars

There we have it… Got there in the end didn’t we? These classics are all worth copping and it will definitely improve your outfit selection from a day to day basis. Maybe not quite as interesting as a wardrobe full of Gucci or Fendi… but Im all about mixing those high end pieces amongst the much needed essentials and of course… the timeless classics! Catch you on the next one!